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Calin Wultur Corsini Elite

27 Aug
August 27, 2014

We have a new Romanian Corsini Elite model.  This bass was varnished by someone outside the shop, a professional finisher known in Poland  as “Laci” and it’s very impressive work.  The ground prep,  glaze and varnish give the instrument a depth and “chatoyance” that is truly  deep and beautiful . The wood quality is rare as well with both the top and back being two piece with no “wings” . The blemish free top shows some bear claw figure here and there and the maple back is bookmatched.  Highly figured maple used throughout.

The setup includes a new West African ebony fingerboard,  Despiau bridge, Ullsperger endpin and Bel Canto strings.  While still a 3/4 size bass, the string length is on the short side at 40 5/8″.  This would make an ideal instrument for a smaller person, or a player looking to maximize their facility with an instrument that’s a bit easier to get around on.

Availability on hold as we’ve decided to work on the plate graduations on this one, but please inquire.

New Shen SB200 Mirecourt

10 May
May 10, 2014

Inspired by the Mirecourt produced instruments with sloping shoulders,  this bass has  a moderately flamed maple back and sides with a spruce top.   Some dimensions:

lower bout width 27 1/2″

middle 14 1/2″

upper bout width 20″

rib depth at lower block 8 5/8″

rib depth at upper block 6 1/2″

distance from bottom of bass to top of button 44 7/8″

string length 41 3/8″

Set up with a Despiau bridge and Ullsperger endpin.   The small upper bouts allow easier access  to the high register while the wide lower bouts  make up for some lost volume on top without being obtrusive.  And the dimensions could  make it  a good fit physically for a smaller player who doesn’t  want to settle for  a  smaller bass.  Nice even tone and good  projection.

Sold, but expect another shortly.

Romanian Panormo Elite

21 Feb
February 21, 2014

We have a new roundback Panormo Elite bass from the Calin Wultur workshop.  Some dimensions:

String length 41 1/4″

Lower bout width 27″

upper bout width 20 1/2″

Rib depth at lower block 8 5/8″

Rib depth at upper block 6 5/8″

Distance from bottom of bass to top of button 45 1/2″

The shop used some nice flamed maple in the back, sides and neck. And the spruce top has nice clear grain, narrow in the middle and widening at the sides.  The neck was pretty big so we trimmed the neck in width and thickness , blended things in and revarnished  the neck.  Set up with a thick East African fingerboard, Despiau bridge and Ullsberger Massiv endpin.  Nice sounding bass with an even sound.

$7500 with cover.

New Romanian Carcassi Elite with Poplar Back

28 Jan
January 28, 2014

New Roundback Calin Wultur Carcassi copy.  This bass  features a spruce top, moderately flamed maple ribs and neck and a quartersawn Lombardy Poplar back. The sound and response is similar to the  maple Carcassi Elite but with a darker tone.

Some dimensions:

string length 41 1/4″

8 5/8″ rib depth at lower block

6 5/8″ rib depth at upper block

46 1/2″ from bottom of bass to top of button.

Setup includes a Despiau bridge and Ullsberger Massiv endpin.

$7000 with cover.


Update: As of 3/9/2016 we finally got around to trimming the  neck of this bass  in width and thickness, taking it down to white wood and re varnishing.  Now it’s easy to get around on and fun to play.  Big sound too and  the Spirocores now on the E and A tightened up the low end.  If you were in the shop and played this but found the neck too big and the low end too mushy please have another look.


Romanian Panormo Elite with extension

19 Aug
August 19, 2013

This bass is a Calin Wultur roundback Panormo Elite.  The bass looks very attractive with nicely flamed maple all around and a scraped finish in the top that shows off the difference between the winter and summer grain.

The setup includes a new ebony fingerboard, Ulsberger Massiv endpin and Despiau bridge.  The extension was installed by our shop and it’s the modern fingered fully chromatic type.  It features Cocobolo (rosewood) capos and a substantial ebony body which will resist deformation from string tension.

This instrument was new as of 2011 and was loaned out for one year to a symphony player.  Very minor marks.  The bass could be perfect for a college player looking for an instrument already with an extension.

$8500 with Mooradian deluxe cover.

Shen SB 180 Hybrid bass

28 May
May 28, 2013

This instrument has a laminated back and sides with a carved spruce top.  The outside veneers in the back and sides have some attractive figure and the neck is made from flame maple.  Reddish golden brown oil varnish.  The setup includes a Despiau bridge with our nice DBW shop adjusters,  Ulsa standard endpin and Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings.  41 1/4″ string length.

Good sounding instrument and a great value.

Sold, but please take a look at our Shen SB150 bass






Shen SB 88 oil varnish

15 Aug
August 15, 2012

This is Shen’s oil varnished version of their “workhorse” laminated sb80 bass and we’ve had great luck with this model.   This instrument is well made and looks great. It has a good sounding “thump” and sustain for pizzicato playing,  and the bass is designed for comfortable arco playing as well. They also make a gamba cornered version.

Nice setup includes a Despiau bridge, upgraded endpin  and your choice of  Zyex or Helicore strings.

With Shen bag.



New Shen SB200 3/4 Willow

13 Jul
July 13, 2012

New  carved 3/4 Willow flat back bass from Shen.   The back and sides are made from willow with a spruce top. Slightly convex flat back with X bracing design to minimize the effects of differential wood movement. Check out the web for reviews and further discussion of this popular bass. The size and shape lends itself to many different playing situations.

Despiau bridge, Ullsberger endpin, 41 1/4″ string length.

This one has a bit more red color in the varnish than I’ve seen from Shen.

Sold, but another one is on the way.