Andrew Schroetter 22 3/4 with regraduated top

17 Jan
January 17, 2017

We have for sale a Schroetter fully carved flat back bass from 1984, and it looks to be Eastern European in origin.  The instrument needed loose back braces  refitted so we took the opportunity to do some additional work on the voicing when the top was removed.   The top was judiciously thinned to correspond to a graduation plan from an outstanding hand made instrument.  The bass bar was also replaced in conjunction with the regraduation, and the cross braces in the back thinned and tap tuned.

Some dimensions:

String length 41 1/4″

Lower bout width 25 1/2″

upper bout width 20 1/4″

length of back 43 1/4″

rib depth lower 7 3/4″

rib depth upper 6″

The sound and response of the instrument is now significantly improved in all ways.  We also resurfaced the fingerboard,  installed a new Despiau bridge and fitted a quality endpin.  The bass comes with a basic cover as well as an Underwood pickup not yet installed.