New Romanian Hybrid Bass

18 Apr
April 18, 2014

This instrument has become something like  our “house bass”  It’s produced by Gliga in Reghin Romania, then further prepared and varnished in small batches by the Calin Wultur shop.  When they get to our shop we trim the neck to a comfortable size and revarnish the neck heel and toe which needs to be taken back to white wood  for the neck altering procedure.  Carved spruce top and carved maple ribs with  flame maple veneer used in the laminated back.  Some dimensions:

lower bout width 26 3/4″

middle bout width 14 1/2″

upper bout width 18 1/2″

rib depth at lower block 8 1/8″

rib depth at upper block 6 7/8″

distance from bottom of bass to top of button 45 1/2″

neck (fingerboard) width at nut 1.610″

neck width at stop 2.615″

string length 41 3/8″

Set up with a  Despiau bridge, Ullsperger 10mm endpin and Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Weich strings.   In this price range this is one of the best sounding basses available.