2020 Johannes Rubner #66 Poplar


Here’s a beautiful new bass from the Rubner workshop in Markneukirchen.  The top comes from even grained bookmatched spruce and the back and sides are made from Lombardy poplar. The poplar grain is very straight and clear, and with no “wings” added to the edges of the back plate this must have come from a very large old tree. The varnish is light golden brown with a ground that sets off the poplar flecking nicely.

Some dimensions:

  • String length 41 3/16″
  • rib depth at lower block 8″
  • rib depth at upper block 6 5/8″
  • lower bout width 25 3/4″
  • upper bout width 19 5/8″
  • length of back 43 3/4″

This is an impressive sounding instrument with a large and even sound across the range.  The character of the poplar plus the rib depth ensure that the low end is  present, but the attack is still articulate. The Flexocore Deluxe strings add a silvery edge to the sound, but the Bel Canto strings installed now sound great as well.   This bass is fun to play,  has a quick arco response and would be right at home in the orchestra section.

Set up with Thomastik Bel Canto strings, adjustable bridge and a New Harmony endpin.