Calin Wultur Corsini Elite


We have an outstanding Romanian bass for sale.  Visually the look is very appealing with ground prep,  glaze and golden brown spirit varnish giving the instrument a depth and “chatoyance” that is  deep and beautiful. The wood quality is rare as well with both the top and back being two piece with no “wings”. The spruce top grain is narrow in the middle, widening at the flanks.  Highly figured maple is used for the back, sides  and neck/scroll.

Both top and back plate graduation schemes have been reworked by our shop, and the effect was transformational.  If you’ve played this bass in the past it’s definitely worth further consideration. The setup includes a new West African ebony fingerboard,  Despiau bridge,  New Harmony carbon endpin and Bel Canto strings.  While still a 3/4 size instrument, the string length is on the short side at 40 5/8″.  This would make an ideal instrument for a soloist, smaller person, or a player simply looking to maximize their facility with an instrument that’s a bit easier to get around.