Calin Wultur Corsini Elite

On Hold

We have a new Romanian Corsini Elite model.  This bass was varnished by someone outside the shop, a professional finisher known in Poland  as “Laci” and it’s very impressive work.  The ground prep,  glaze and varnish give the instrument a depth and “chatoyance” that is truly  deep and beautiful . The wood quality is rare as well with both the top and back being two piece with no “wings” . The blemish free top shows some bear claw figure here and there and the maple back is bookmatched.  Highly figured maple used throughout.

The setup includes a new West African ebony fingerboard,  Despiau bridge, Ullsperger endpin and Bel Canto strings.  While still a 3/4 size bass, the string length is on the short side at 40 5/8″.  This would make an ideal instrument for a smaller person, or a player looking to maximize their facility with an instrument that’s a bit easier to get around on.

Availability on hold as we’ve decided to work on the plate graduations on this one, but please inquire.