new 3/4 Eastman VB105 Hybrid bass

This bass from Eastman has an interesting design that has a carved top and back with laminated ribs. This approach is increasingly being used in fine instrument construction. It adds stability and stiffness to the ribs, and minimizes warping that can cause structural problems. Eastman specifies maple for the back, but judging by the look this may be closer to what we know as willow or poplar.

Some dimensions:

String length 41 1/4″

upper bout width 19 3/4″

lower bout width 25 3/4″

rib taper 8 1/8″ to 6 1/2″

length of back 43 3/4″

The pizz. sound has a nice midrange punch and the arco sound is full and even. This instrument offers a lot of ‘bang for the buck’, and should be a durable instrument as well. Set up with a Despiau bridge, Ullsperger 10mm endpin and Evah Pirazzi weich strings. Comes with deluxe Eastman cover.


Sold, but more expected soon.