New Rubner Michael Glass #10 bass

Mr. Michael Glass is a principal member of the Rubner bass workshop, and this is one of his own designs in  classic German gamba form. Made from wide, even grained spruce and mildly flamed maple, with dark golden brown spirit varnish. Some dimensions:

  • string length: 41 3/16″
  • lower bout width 26″
  • upper bout width 18 3/4″
  • lower block rib depth 8″
  • upper block rib depth 6 3/4
  • length of back 44″

This bass has a nice low end, an even sound across the range and sweet highs strung with Bel Cantos. I had this strung with Evah Pirazzi weich  as well  and it has some nice midrange punch for pizz. Smaller neck profile.

Set up with a Despiau bridge, New Harmony carbon endpin, and cover.