2011 Calin Wultur Panormo with poplar back and sides


Here’s a Romanian bass from the Calin Wultur workshop.  The Carpathian spruce top has a bit of bear claw figure, and the back and sides are Lombardy poplar with a bit of flame.  This instrument has a few small dings and some finish wear, but is generally in very good shape.  Some dimensions:

  • String length 41 3/16″
  • Lower bout width 27″
  • upper bout width 20 1/2″
  • Rib depth at lower block 8 5/8″
  • Rib depth at upper block 6 5/8″
  • Distance from bottom of bass to top of button 45 1/2″

This bass has a big dark arco sound, perfect for the orchestra section.  The fingerboard was originally replaced, and still shows plenty of thickness. We freshened up the playing setup, installed a New Harmony endpin and strung up with a Bel Canto set.


$7500 with cover