Rubner #62


Here we have a new, fully carved roundback 3/4  size bass from Rubner.  Made from spruce and  flamed maple with dark golden brown spirit varnish. The upper bout shoulders are sloped to increase upper access, including an area of  plate overhang that is trimmed flush where the left arm meets the top by the neck.

Some dimensions:

  • string length 41  3/8″
  • lower bout width 26 1/4″
  • upper bout width 19 1/2″
  • lower block rib depth 8″
  • neck block rib depth 7″
  • length of back 44 1/4″

This bass has an impressive pizzicato punch and moves some air.  The sound is even across the range and the arco response is quick.  An all around great instrument, and one of the best new Rubner bass we’ve received so far.  We replaced the fingerboard with a nice one from Karl Klier.  Set up with Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Weich strings and a New Harmony endpin.