Rubner #68B Busetto model

$10,000 with cover.

We have a 2016 Rubner Model 68B. This is one of the Rubner workshop’s best instruments – essentially a handbuilt bass. Some dimensions:

  • String length 41  1/4″
  • lower bout width 27″
  • upper bout width 19 3/8″
  • rib depth lower block 8 1/4
  • rib depth upper block 7″
  • length from bottom to to of button 45 1/2″

The top arching is quite tall and the spruce has very straight grain that increases in width at the flanks.  The top also displays a crackled spirit varnish effect found on some Pollmann instruments, and has a bit of bearclaw figure as well.  The neck, back and sides are made from highly flamed maple,  and the back arching is again quite tall.  The Busetto corners, flamed F holes and rare wood quality contribute to a stunning visual effect.

The lower bout width is wide and the bass has deep ribs, but the upper bouts are narrow so  it’s very playable with great upper register access. The arco response is quick and the sound is even. Set up with a nice Belgian style bridge,  ebony hatpeg tuners and a New Harmony carbon endpin.