Shen SB200 roundback 3/4 Gamba bass with mahogany back and maple sides

$5250 with cover.

We have a rare model from Shen, a smaller roundback gamba shaped bass with a mahogany back and maple ribs.  The spruce top has bear claw figure and overall the wood variety used produces a nice look.

Some dimensions:

string length 41 3/8″

lower bout width 25 3/4″

upper bout width 20 3/8″

rib depth lower block 8 1/4″

rib depth upper block 6 1/4″

length of back 44 3/4″

With pizzicato the bass has a punchy mid range that sounds great for jazz. And it’s nice with the bow too, with a sound that’s a bit brighter than the willow version.

Set up with a Despiau bridge, Ullsperger 10mm endpin and Pirastro Perpetual strings.