2018 Wilfer #10

01 Nov
November 1, 2018

We have a new fully carved Wilfer #10 roundback Gamba style bass at the shop. This is the same German workshop that made many of the famous Juzek basses.  The top is made from  straight grained spruce  with the grain width increasing at the sides. The back and sides are made from maple with a mild flame.  The varnish is reddish brown with a ground that highlights the flame and flecking.

Some dimensions;

String length 41″

Lower bout width 25 7/8″

Upper bout width 19 1/4″

Rib depth at lower block 8″

Rib depth at upper block 6 7/8″

length from bottom of bass to top of button 44″

The tone is somewhat dark, but still with clarity. The sound is even throughout, and has a surprising amount of pizz. punch and low end response for an instrument with a smaller size.  In fact the size of the instrument is quite manageable with a neck that feels good in the hand.

Set up with a French bridge with our deluxe adjusters and a New Harmony carbon endpin.

$7000 with cover.