New Carcassi Elite Bass

October 3, 2015

We have another  rounded back Carcassi copy from the Calin Wultur workshop.  The spruce top has some bearclaw figure and the bookmatched maple back has some nice flame and  interesting figure.

Some dimensions:

string length 41 1/2″

lower bout width 25 5/8″

upper bout width 20 1/2″

rib depth at the lower block 8 1/2″

rib depth at neck block 6 3/4″

distance from bottom of bass to top of back button 46″

The setup from our shop on this includes the installation of a new Gabon ebony fingerboard, Despiau bridge with our  beautiful  ebony bridge height adjusters,  as well as a New Harmony hollow carbon endpin.

We also substantially reshaped the neck,  going down to white wood which was varnished.  The “D” neck is now much narrower and feels very nice.

The geometry of this model manages to produce a full sound all across the range  as well as great access to the upper register due to the sloped shoulders. An impressive bass.