New Romanian Carcassi Elite with Poplar Back

January 28, 2014

New Roundback Calin Wultur Carcassi copy.  This bass  features a spruce top, moderately flamed maple ribs and neck and a quartersawn Lombardy Poplar back. The sound and response is similar to the  maple Carcassi Elite but with a darker tone.

Some dimensions:

string length 41 1/4″

8 5/8″ rib depth at lower block

6 5/8″ rib depth at upper block

46 1/2″ from bottom of bass to top of button.

Setup includes a Despiau bridge and Ullsberger Massiv endpin.

$7000 with cover.


Update: As of 3/9/2016 we finally got around to trimming the  neck of this bass  in width and thickness, taking it down to white wood and re varnishing.  Now it’s easy to get around on and fun to play.  Big sound too and  the Spirocores now on the E and A tightened up the low end.  If you were in the shop and played this but found the neck too big and the low end too mushy please have another look.