New Shen SB200 Mirecourt

May 10, 2014

Inspired by the Mirecourt produced instruments with sloping shoulders,  this bass has  a  maple back and sides with a spruce top.   Some dimensions:

lower bout width 27 1/2″

middle 14 1/2″

upper bout width 20″

rib depth at lower block 8 5/8″

rib depth at upper block 6 1/2″

distance from bottom of bass to top of button 44 7/8″

string length 41 3/8″

Set up with a Despiau bridge and Ullsperger endpin.   The small upper bouts allow easier access  to the high register while the wide lower bouts  make up for some lost volume on top without being obtrusive.  And the dimensions could  make it  a good fit physically for a smaller player who doesn’t  want to settle for  a  smaller bass.  Nice even tone and good  projection. We installed a new East African Ebony fingerboard on this bass and performed substantial neck reshaping as well.