Romanian Panormo Elite with extension

August 19, 2013

This bass is a Calin Wultur roundback Panormo Elite.  The bass looks very attractive with nicely flamed maple all around and a scraped finish in the top that shows off the difference between the winter and summer grain.

The setup includes a new ebony fingerboard, Ulsberger Massiv endpin and Despiau bridge.  The extension was installed by our shop and it’s the modern fingered fully chromatic type.  It features Cocobolo (rosewood) capos and a substantial ebony body which will resist deformation from string tension.

This instrument was new as of 2011 and was loaned out for one year to a symphony player.  Very minor marks.  The bass could be perfect for a college player looking for an instrument already with an extension.

$8500 with Mooradian deluxe cover.