ShenSB200 Mirecourt Bass

We have a new  Mirecourt bass from Shen.  This instrument has sloping shoulders for easier access to the higher positions and a wide lower bout for a deeper bass response. Some dimensions:

Lower bout width 27 1/2″

upper bout width 20″

rib depth lower block 8 5/8″

rib depth upper block 6 3/4″

length from bottom of bass to top of button 44 3/4″

string length 41 1/2″

The back and ribs are made from moderately flamed maple, the neck has plenty of flame and the maple figure looks nice all around.  The top is made from spruce.  The playing setup includes Despiau bridge, Ullsperger standard 10 mm endpin.

This is my favorite design from Shen: great playability, response and sound.