Our New Bass Warranty:

These are handled on a case by case basis and are at our discretion. If the problem is a result of a defect in the craftsmanship or materials, we will repair the bass or replace the defective part. This guarantee is good for one year. In addition, we will take care of any minor setup adjustments you wish to make. Included in our one year warranty is:
-open seams
-cracks on the top, ribs or back
-loose bass bar and other internal loose parts
-warping fingerboards
-tight adjusters
-rattling endpins
-minor setup adjustments

If the damage or problem is a result of physical mishandling or an accident, we will not be held responsible. NOT included in our one year warranty:
-any damage resulting from handling or accident including damage resulting from leaving bass in extreme weather (extreme moisture, cold, heat, dryness etc.)
-scratches to the varnish
-soundpost adjustment
-string breakage
-warped bridges resulting from not being straightened when needed
-major changes in setup such as resurfacing an otherwise acceptable fingerboard.

We want you to be happy with us and your instrument so we will try our best within reason to deal equitably with a situation when it arises.

Please be advised that you are responsible for shipping of the instrument both ways for any warranty work. You must contact us first before sending any item back for a  claim.


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